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In 1973, Tex Coulter founded what London has come to know and trust as their family Pharmacy; Coulter’s Pharmacy.

There has been an independently owned and operated drug store on Dundas Street near Winnipeg Blvd in London since the 1940’s. It started as one of three locations of Walker Drug in east London. Around 1960 it became Marr-Sharpe Pharmacy until it was bought by partners, Tex Coulter and Bob Yates and became Coulter & Yates Pharmacy in October of 1973.

That was then…

For more than forty years since then the Coulter family, as part of the Guardian banner, has been taking care of and the health care needs of their east London neighbourhood with care, compassion and value.

At a time before big box retailing, it was a small store (approximately 1,500 square feet) that sold a wide variety of items to meet the needs of the community. What started as a family business has continued to grow and evolve with the times but has always focused on what mattered most, quality care and professional service.

First Generation

Tex Coulter, Coulter’s Pharmacy

In 1989 Bob Yates retired and the pharmacy moved next door into the old Argyle Hardware location becoming Coulter’s Pharmacy. The second generation of Coulter pharmacists, Tex’s son, Scott graduated from the University of Toronto in 1993 and returned to London to learn the family business and work with his father until his retirement in 2000.

This is now…

In 2010, Scott expanded the business by connecting the pharmacy to the building to the west and added an additional 2000 square feet of home health care products and services, rebranding the business as Coulter’s Pharmacy and Home Health Care.

Second Generation

Scott Coulter, BSc, Pharm

Through all this time and consistent growth in the business, current owner, Scott Coulter has maintained the key philosophies learned from his father of having a high-quality team that cares for their patients the way they should be treated, as a member of the family.