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This vial is a revolutionary innovation in vial conception attributed to its novel eco-design. Made entirely of 100% recyclable polypropylene, the vials have come to redefine and simplify the vial market for pharmacists and patients alike.



  • Very child-resistant yet easy to open for adults: simply depress the trigger an lift the lid simultaneously.
  • The most eco-friendly on the market. Compared to other options
    • Uses up to 35% less plastic to manufacture.
    • Packed in boxes without the use of plastic bags; saving hundreds of thousands of plastic bags per year.
    • Generates up to 100 times less CO2 during production
  • The vials are automatically closed upon the molding process thus greatly reducing contamination concerns.
  • 100% recyclable
  • Very competitive price.
  • Canadian made vials.

Benefits for the Consumers: Patients

    • Cap and vial in one piece (impossible to lose cap) 
    • Possibility of opening the vial in the dark 
    • Easier to open for elderly patients yet very secure for children
    • High protection to UV radiation (green vials) 
    • Contribute to environmental protection and sustainability (less plastic required and fewer emission of CO2)



Here is the list of questions we were most frequently asked. If you can not find the answer to your question, do not hesitate to contact us, it will be our pleasure to answer it.

No. And this actually is not the case for the majority of options on the market. Therefore, it is important to keep all medications out of reach of children.

Absolutely! Our flagship products (vials, compliance packaging, ointment jar) are made of polypropylene, an easily recyclable material.

Yes. However, since the purpose of a vial is to be open, we can never guarantee that no child will be able to open it. No vial manufacturer can offer such guarantee. Therefore, it is imperative to keep medication away from children where they do not have access and pose possible risk. 

The risk of ingesting harmful medication by young children is unfortunately common. In order to reduce the risk, the Canadian Standard Association (CSA) evaluates a product’s packaging efficiency and safety prior to its market commercialization. The CSA only gives a certification to companies whose products pass child resistant norms.

Ecolo-Vials not only meet the CSA’s stringent safety standards, but notably exceeds these norms. We are CSA certified beyond the highest standards required. 

Currently not. However, if you are interested in our products and you are not in Canada, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to analyze your request. 

PVC (also known as vinyl) is a type of plastic that generates a number of environmental hazards and human health risks. The two most common risks are :

  • Dioxin: A known human carcinogen. Bi-product of the manufacturing process and released during the incineration or burning of PVC products.
  • DEHP: A phthalate used to soften PVC and render it more malleable. Phthalates can leach from medical devices and risk exposure to packaged medication. There is confirmed data linking PVC to reproductive birth defects and other illnesses.

Several government agencies including the US Food and Drug Administration and Health Canada have warned that certain patients, particularly sick infants, may be at harmful risk from phthalates leaching out of PVC medical devices. Fortunately, many health care facilities and pharmacies are shifting to safer alternatives such as products made of polypropylene, used at EcoloPharm.

Yes, but important distinctions are to be made.

The green vials protect against 99,8% of the potential harmful rays. In other words, our vials meet and exceed USP (United States Pharmacopeia) standards for transmission of ultraviolet rays (UV) inside the container. Medication is thus protected from broad-spectrum UV radiation, thus reducing adverse effects on prescription efficacy.

The clear vials do not contain any dye protecting against UV rays. As a result, they block 48 to 52% of UV rays.

The level of protection of the medication against the ultraviolet rays (UV). Medication placed in green vials is fully protected against UV radiation. Indeed, the green Ecolo-Vial is the only vial that meets and exceeds USP standards for transmission of ultraviolet rays (UV) inside the container. Therefore, the medication is protected from broad-spectrum UV radiation, thus reducing adverse effects on prescription efficacy. 

While our clear vials provide 48-52% UV protection, our green vials block 99,8%-99,9% of 290-450 nm UV radiation (the frequency located in the potentially problematic spectrum for photosensitive drugs).

EcoloPharm specializes in eco-design, which consists in the integration of environmental criteria right from the design phase of a product in order to reduce its impacts throughout its life cycle. That is, from the extraction of the raw materials necessary for its production until the end of its useful life, through its manufacture, distribution, use and recycling.